BeSafe: Our commitment to safety is in our heritage

BeSafe lets you enjoy the ride together

At BeSafe, we are driven by a commitment to something so important that we included it in our name: safety.

It’s our reason for being. Just as importantly, we also strive to give families the confidence to explore life together. When you feel happy and free in your day-to-day life, you can just get on with the business of living. You should care about safety, but it shouldn’t be something that overshadows everything you do. With BeSafe products, you can be confident that safety is there all the time. Let us focus on making things safe, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Family time is in our DNA

“Family time is precious to us and we don’t want it to be disturbed by worries about safety.” Okke van Mourik

The spirit of adventure and family time are two essential elements of the Scandinavian DNA. Combining these things shouldn’t feel forced; it’s just a way of living. Giving you the security to enjoy these things to the fullest is what drives us to go further and continuously innovate.

We are passionate about family safety and we want families to fearlessly indulge their curious spirits together.

Our commitment to safety is in our heritage

“You and your family deserve the best when it comes to safe travels.” Okke van Mourik.

It is our mission to deliver the very best car seats. This isn’t something we just decided recently, but a journey that started more than fifty years ago when BeSafe was established. And in 1989, only 25 years after developing our first car seat, we launched the first rear facing models. At the time, we challenged the industry. Now we lead it. As champions of the rear facing car seat, we promote it in everything we do. Even the accessories that we design are compatible with rear facing seats. We believe children should stay in this position for as long as possible, at least until age four.

“In the event of a collision, rear facing is the safest position for children because the impact of the force is spread over a larger area. This means the child won’t suffer as many injuries as they would if they were front facing.” Okke van Mourik

We work with the best, so we can give you the best

By working with some of Europe’s best test labs, we can prove that the safety of our products is independently certified. We also strive to go beyond the regulations wherever possible. For example, BeSafe has always tested our car seats for side impact, although it wasn’t a requirement until recent changes in regulation. We even went a step further and enhanced side impact protection with an energy-absorbing cushion. And whenever we identify a new safety innovation we try to implement it on the other seats in our range too.

We are committed to the best quality across our whole supply chain. Additionally, we are proud of the trust and relationships we have built with our manufacturers, ensuring that every component is safe and free from dangerous chemicals.

Uncompromising quality and functionality

“The best product might not be enough if the usage is not self-explanatory and easy. Our products have functions that have a purpose. They add to safety, comfort, ease of use.” Okke van Mourik

We don’t just focus on safety – good design is the other identifying characteristic of Scandinavian living that is injected into everything we make. All our products embody functionality, superior design and comfort. And through co-operation with partners we can offer full travel solutions – for example, the BeSafe car seat can be used on many strollers, making travel also easy outside of the car.

Life is for living

Just like our development process which is continuous and responsive to people’s needs, we recognise that you grow and change as your family does. Your children’s choices and the way they look at the world will be shaped by your attitude and a fearless approach to life. Our goal at BeSafe is to give you the peace of mind to fulfill your family’s spirit of adventure. And when you can do that without worries about safety, we know that we have succeeded in our mission.

EXPLORE LIFE: BeSafe lets you enjoy the ride together